Benefits to Spending Time at Home

Jul 24, 2020 | General

Prior to COVID I often had meetings to attend in the community. I did a lot of volunteering which was starting to slow down. It came to an abrupt halt when COVID hit. I’m in the high risk group so, if I can avoid going out, I do. For four decades my days were often taken up doing other things and putting aside projects I might think about wanting to do.

Now, I have lots of time to spend on doing what I want to do. I have to say, I’m kind of enjoying that ability to just focus on what I want to do. It’s also meant I am exploring new things to try that appeal to my creativity. Like getting my websites setup and things I want to add to them.

Over the last few days I’ve taken the time to explore some new material which has been awaiting my attention while I worked on the structure of these sites. The creative neurons are firing and a plan is forming. I’ll have some products coming out. All being well I hope to release the first step within days.

I’ve been neglecting my writing on the other platforms. I need to get back to posting regularly there and make sure I have time set aside for working on the new projects. When I get into learning mode I tend to go full in on it to get my head around the subject. There is a few more aspects that I need to explore but I’m much more focused on them now as I have a clearer Idea of what I need to learn to make my ideas work.

More later.