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Easter Renewal

Mar 27, 2016 | General

Today is Easter Sunday. In the Christian calendar, this is the most important weekend of the year. Good Friday commemorates the death of Christ on the cross and leads us to the joy of Easter Sunday when he rose from the tomb.

We all experience our own Easters over the course of our lives. We don’t hang on a cross and then rise from a tomb, not literally at least.

We do experience the end, or death, of something in our lives followed by a renewal. That death is often preceded by a struggle within ourselves. Sometimes the choice is ours to make and other times, circumstances force it upon us. The Good Friday part of the process is almost always gut-wrenching. It is how we handle our Easter that matters.

It is fitting that it is this time of year, that I’ve been going through an Easter renewal. For the last several years I have been engaged in a couple of work areas which weren’t really my cup of tea. I became involved not so much because I had a burning desire to do so, I just sort of drifted into it. I had a friend who was into it and encouraged me to do the same, because I was capable and I needed to do something.

I’m capable of a lot of things, being truly interested in doing, that is another story. It was true, I needed to do something and I could make money from it. In fact, it was possible to make a lot of money. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I have interests in other areas, I lacked the confidence to believe I could make a living in those areas. Writing is one of those areas.

I’ve reached the point in my life where it is becoming more important to be true to my interests than take on the interests of someone else. I may find I’m a terrible writer and no one is really going to be interested in what I write about. It is long overdue for me to find out without the distractions of doing what I’m not really into and find myself not really cut out for.

I’m also a reader. I read a wide variety of subjects. I enjoy learning all I can on anything which catches my interest. If it catches my interest, it will catch other peoples and that is what I will be writing about.

So, my Easter Sunday, like Mary discovering the risen Christ, is one of joy and expectation. I still lack confidence in my writing ability but I’m confident it is time I set out on this journey. I will write until I can’t not write and then I will write some more. It is a journey of my own making, not one which I have drifted into with others steering me. I’m steering myself and looking forward with expectation, not back with uncertainty.

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