Patti May

Blogger, Writer, Content Maker

Hi and welcome.

Nice to see you stop by for a visit. I hope you will visit often. is my personal blog, where I will write on what I wish to write. I’ll also share what I’m writing on other sites.

I reside in the small eastern Ontario community of Colborne. Actually, I live outside the community but it’s just easier to say that is where I am. I am approaching my senior years and finally have decided to get serious about an interest I have had most of my life. Writing.

I like to read and explore the web to learn. My interests areas are varied and wide. While variety is the spice of life, it makes it difficult to decide on a niche to focus my attention on. So, I’ve decided since it is my writing, I focus it where I wish and switch when I’m ready.

I’ve been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for over 35 years. An active volunteer, I have served on most committees and held all branch posts except Sgt-at-Arms and Chaplain. I’ve served a total of 14 years as President of the Captain Charles S Rutherford VC, MC, MM (ON) Branch 187 in Colborne. Recently, the membership entrusted me to another year as their President.

I’m not a veteran. I am the spouse, daughter, niece, child and grandchild of veterans who served in WW1, WW2 and Korea. Our veterans secured and keep our freedom. Their selfless service sets an example we all need to follow in our communities.

When I’m home, I’m kept company by two cats, Dawn and Fawnya. They are good company, even if they do get a bit demanding at times. Like when they are hungry or want cuddles. Yes, many people think cats are aloof and standoffish, they aren’t. They are just selective who they share themselves with. A bit like me.

I hope you visit often. Drop me a note if you’d like to chat.