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A Mini New Year

Jul 1, 2016 | Goals & Life

One of the blogs I’ve liked to follow over the years is Michael Hyatt’s. He writes some really great material. I was struck 2-3 years ago by one of his posts where he talked about July 1st, being the mid-point of the calendar year, is like a second new year. It’s a good point in the year to pause and evaluate where you’re at in terms of your goals for the year.

Not On Track

I like that concept. Instead of expecting that all will be on course for a full year, it lets me re-evaluate at least every six months to determine how I’m progressing towards my goals. I’ll be blunt at this point. I’m not even close to any of my goals for this year. So, it’s a real good time to buckle down, focus and push.

And My Goals Are/Were?

At the first of this year, I took a look at not only this year but also the next few. I’m pretty aware of my sixth decade approaching.Time is approaching where I need a retirement income established. I am working towards establishing multiple streams of passive income to make sure I will not be dependent on what the government calls ‘guaranteed income’.

My goals for this year are all towards the overall goal of multiple streams of passive income. They include writing a kindle book, creating an information product and creating regular content on my blogs. I have given my blogs more attention so far this year than they received in all of 2015. That wasn’t on my list like that, but, I’ll take any forward movement.

What Have I Been Doing?

In hindsight, I maybe should have built into my initial plan for the year, deliberate learning time. I have found myself exploring a range of topics all geared towards learning how to generate and sustain passive income. I have taken steps to implement what I’ve learned.

Some of that self-education involves mindset.First and foremost, I needed to understand my blogs, especially their content are assets I’m building. They need to be developed with the best materials and knowledge I’m capable of putting into them.

I have to understand very clearly what each piece of property is for and what it will contain going forward. I have to carefully craft not only the site but the content which goes into it. When the property is developed to the point of monetization, I must do so with confidence.

The Plan Going Forward?

While I have not attained the goals I started out with in January, I believe I have done work I should have planned on. The plan going forward is to carry on with the plan I started the year with. All of those goals are still attainable if I stay focused and buckle down to what needs to be done.

Each of my sites is going to be redone using a WordPress theme I have fallen in love with. It is a theme called Divi from Elegant Themes. It is a premium theme but one I believe is well worth every penny. Since I happen to be posting to this site, my next job after I press publish will be to start that changeover.

How is your year going?


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