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So, What’s With the Cat?

Jul 4, 2016 | General

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You might have noticed I have changed my site over to the DIvi Theme from Elegant Themes. As I mentioned in a previous post, the more I work with their themes the more I’m really liking them. You might like to check out the post I made on Cash Challenged about my experience building the Colborne Legion’s new website.

One of the little ‘fun’ things I have started adding to my sites is the logo with the kitten peeking out at you. That is a pic I took of my youngest cat, Fawnya, when he was about eight weeks old. In the course of exploring his new world (my place), he climbed into a  2.5″ shelf. I walked into the room to find his little face peeking out. So now, he gets to peek at my guests.

He’s now a nine-year-old, 20.4lb adult cat. As you might have gathered, I’m owned by a couple of cats. You can train a dog and it does what is expected, a cat trains you. Thus, they own the human. If you get real lucky, a cat will half listen to you, when it feels like it. I have managed a couple of victories, neither cat comes near me when I’m eating. Fawnya likes to try to nip me, he gets a very firm “don’t bite mum!” when he does and the nip turns into licking. I suspect it has become a game to him.

The picture with this post is both my cats in their favourite places. Fawnya is stretched out on one end of my couch and Dawn is curled up in my arms while I work at the computer. I’ve become rather adept at typing around her. I’ve found that when she decides she wants up, best to let her up for a while and then lift her down after about ten minutes. She’ll usually go and lay elsewhere after she’s had her cuddle time.

These two are very good about getting me out of bed in the morning. Dawn excels at the job. Most mornings I awaken to find her laying across the top of the pillow waiting for my eyes to open. Should 5:30am roll around without my eyes opening, I then get a gentle paw tapping at my cheek. Ignoring that leads to more insistent tapping until Fawnya joins in and starts pulling at my covers.

I don’t think they care so much if I’m up, as much as they want to be fed. It’s a rough life they have in my house.

I wouldn’t mind the idea of having a dog but that means I have to go through not only training the dog but also getting the cats to accept it in their territory. Dawn still isn’t sure she’s wanting Fawnya here and it’s been nine years! I got him because she was such a social cat and the then elder cat in the house would have nothing to do with her. The fickleness of animals.

The two of them do make for good company when I’m home and it is nice to be met at the door when I’ve been out and arrive home.Mind you, on occasion, Dawn reminds me of mini-mum when I’ve been gone a lot of hours. She lets her displeasure be known and then quickly forgets about it and welcomes me home.

So, there you have it. I enjoy the company of my feline companions but I don’t hoard them. Two is plenty.


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