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Writing in the Digital Age

May 11, 2016 | Writing

As I’ve started to delve into the state of writing and publishing in this digital age, I’ve learned there is much to learn. Writing is different than in the past. I’m working to brush up my skills.

Writing for the Digital Age

I’ve been engaged over the last month or so in studying what it is to write for an online audience. We read different these days. It is necessary to write differently than if I was writing a book or paper for hardcopy publication. Not so much the words I write, but how.

Paragraphs are shorter. Sometimes only just a sentence long. In this world of information overload and hurry to gather information, we scan. Settling to read in full only when we have found what we seek.

Subtitles as Beacons

In the days before computers. I’d pick up an article or a book and if I saw a subtitle, I rarely noticed it. Today, readers scan subtitles as their guide to the content of the material. They provide the beacons to the important points within the article. Without them, it’s just an undefined mass of text.

Content Must Provide Value

In some quarters, I’m told to write short articles. I’m told you, the reader, lacks a sufficient attention span to stay with longer material. In other quarters the wisdom is to write long, in depth material properly laid out for online reading.

I’ve realized. Both schools of thought are correct. Both long and short form publishing has value. That would be when the article provides the reader with value. Value came come in many forms. For example, this post will probably only add value to to the reader if the reader is interested in how to write online.

Or, if the reader is a fan of what I write and just craves to read my words. You are, right?

Even the fan hungry for my words has to be provided with information he needs or he gets bored with me and becomes a fan of some other writer.

So, dear reader, I am undertaking to take all I learn about writing online and put it to work to bring you what you seek. Until the next time.


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